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Material and Finish
Unless it is stated otherwise all products are made of 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet steel and powder coated external finish. We also have the flexibility to offer numerous other materials and finishes.

Pressure drop (ΔP)
The total pressure drop through the unit, in Pascal (Pa), with air at 1.2kg/m3, and the unit connected in accordance with our recommendation outlined above..

Air flow (q)
The air flow in the performance charts is expressed in litres per second (l/s).

Under temperature (Δt)
Δt is defined as the difference between the room air temperature (measured 1.2m above the floor – °C) and the supply air temperature (measured in the supply air duct – °C).

Temperature Difference (ΔT)
Is defined as the temperature difference between the exhaust and supply air temperatures (°C).

Selection charts must not be used for commissioning purposes. Refer to separate isntructions or product labels.

Measurements and Weight
All measurements are in millimeters (mm) and weights in kilograms (kg).

Sound Level (LA)
Sound level data shown in performance charts are based on the units being connected in accordance with recommendations described above and absorption of 4dB.

Sound Power Level (LW)
Sound power level LW (dB) is shown in Table KOK (mid frequenzy Hz).

Sound Attenuation (ΔL)
Sound attenuation ΔL (dB) is shown in Table ΔL (mid frequenzy Hz).

Comfort Boundary L0.2
The comfort boundary or near zone is the distance in metres from the face of the unit at a height of 100mm where the air velocity has reduced to 0.2m/s with a Δt of 5°C. Outside this area the air velocity is less than 0.2m/s. For some units the comfort boundary is defined as 0.15m/s maximum regardless of the height above floor level (L0.15).

Comfort Boundary Y0.2
Comfort boundary or near zone applies to displacement ventilation units installed in ceilings and Y0.2is the distance in metres below the unit at a given Δt where the air velocity is below 0.2m/s.